A Guide Into The Tours Offered In Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy. It is home to just shy of 3 million people and sees even more people than that annually as tourists. There are endless monuments to see, museums and churches to visit, and memories to make.

I think most people probably wonder, what is the best way to see all that Rome has to offer in the limited time they’re in Rome? 

The first and best answer to this is to be very straightforward and say it is impossible to see it all. Rome is called the Eternal City, and I discover daily how true this is. From discovering museums full of beautiful art, I’ve never heard of, to finding a new pizzeria that I’m sure is the best in the city, to visiting a monument I never had time to see before. Rome is endless, it is a fairly small historical centre, but in that centre, the Romans sure knew how to fit in a lot of beauty. 

The very best way to get to know a city is, of course, through the locals. Who will know a city better than the people who call it home? No matter what kind of tour you’re looking at, I would really recommend looking for a local guide. Whether they were born in Rome or made their home in Rome by choice, locals can give you a truly beautiful view of their city.

Now onto some very important info, what type of tours are there in Rome? 

Types of Tours in Rome

As I mentioned, Rome is the capital of Italy. It has a huge population and sees at least double that number of annual visitors. With all that being said, it is a given that there will be a tour to fit every type of traveller. 

So here is a list of the types of tours you can consider for your time in Rome:


A bike tour will get you around the city much quicker than on your feet. There will be options to do a guided bike tour or rent a bike and tour around yourself. While both are good options, I would personally opt for a guided tour. If it is guided, you are following someone who knows the city, which means you won’t have to check your google maps and navigate a bike in a foreign city. 


I love walking in the cities I visit. Getting to tour a new city at its natural pace makes the trip very enjoyable for me. So, if you have time, I suggest looking at some walking tour options. Especially as so many of Rome’s treasures you’ll want to check out are not always easily accessible by car.


Doing a Vespa tour in Rome is still on my to-do list. I think this is a truly unique way to visit Rome. Some places offer renting a Vespa and taking it around town, but I would not recommend this. Not only if you don’t have experience on a Vespa or scooter but also because driving in Rome is not always an enjoyable experience.

I think a Vespa tour would be enjoyed a lot more if you were riding on the back with a guide letting you know when you are passing by beautiful monuments and taking you to all the best places. If riding on the back of a Vespa is not quite for you, there are also Vespa sidecar tours, another great option.


This is another option for a tour you could look into, but I would suggest it more for staying within certain areas, like Villa Borghese, for example. Taking a segway in the historic centre might be more trouble than fun as there are so many people on the streets and sidewalks. So, check ahead and look at the area you want to explore with a segway to see if you’ll be able to speed around or if you’ll be stopping and starting more than actually moving. 

Golf Cart

A tour option that really allows comfort and accessibility. This is a very nice option, especially for those with limited mobility. A golf cart will be able to get you to the places you won’t want to miss in Rome, and it’ll ensure that you won’t be tiring yourself out before lunch.


When visiting Rome’s many monuments, I recommend checking to see if a guide would be beneficial. Think of places like the Vatican Museums or the Colosseum. So many places in Rome like these are full of years and years of history, stories, and beauty. Having a guide with you to fill you in on the history and secrets and point out all the not-to-miss places would be very beneficial.

Many of these places will also offer skip-the-line tours.

Museums and Galleries

Just like with the monuments, Rome’s many museums and galleries will be full of history and beauty. Taking a tour through these kinds of places will ensure that you are really getting an entire history and understanding of the art, the artist, and the history that goes along with the pieces that you’ll see. 


If you’re planning to come to Rome, most likely you’ve also thought about pizza and pasta, and while both are delicious, Rome has a lot more to offer. Every city in Italy has a long winding history with food and different dishes that really showcase what they have to offer. Looking for a food tour is such a great way only to get to have a bit of a guided walk around Rome, but you’ll also get some insider tips on delicious food not to miss and restaurants to try. What better way to get to know Rome than through food? 


Of course, when discussing food and Italy, it is essential to think also about what to drink. And for many, what comes to mind is wine. There will also be options for wine tours that will showcase local wines to the region and probably teach about some wines that come from different regions as well. There is also the option to make day trips to vineyards not far from Rome, a great option to take a break from the busy city life and enjoy wine in the country.

What to Look For When Choosing a Tour?

There will be many tour choices to choose from in Rome, so how will you decide? Depending on your situation and your trip, there could be different deciding factors. Here are some of the things I think of when I’m looking to book a tour.

  • Price – It is important that a tour fits into my budget, betters my trip, and doesn’t make it more stressful. If I am going somewhere where a guided tour is something I think will make my trip better, I budget for it when I’m planning my trip.
  • Reviews – Vacations are limited days, so check the reviews of the tours you’re interested in to ensure that the tour you book will be what you’re looking for.
  • Comfort – If a tour option doesn’t fit in my comfort level for whatever reason, I don’t stress about it. Even if a tour is super highly rated, I like to listen to my gut, and I remind myself that there are other options for everyone, and I’ll find the perfect one for me. So, listen to reviews but make sure it is what you’re looking for before booking.

Best Way To Tour Rome

The best way to tour Rome will depend on a few things. How long you have in the city, what you like, and your budget.

How long you have in Rome will decide a lot of things. Let’s say you only have two days, and one day is already full with a Vatican tour. How will you see the rest of Rome’s wonders in your day that’s left? So, how long you have in Rome decides a lot. 

Short-Length Stays

For short stays in Rome, I would certainly go with a guided tour. I would also steer you towards something quicker than a walking tour, maybe a Vespa tour?

If you are only in Rome briefly, having a guided tour that moves you quickly through the city will ensure a few things. It will ensure that you see the monuments, don’t tire yourself out in the first few hours, and get all the history and stories that Rome loves to share. 

Medium-Length Stays

If you have more than a weekend in Rome but still wouldn’t consider it a long visit, I recommend mixing it up. Rome is great with a guide because they know the city best, and it’s the surest way not to miss a thing. But there is something very special about slowly wandering Rome and getting to know her cobblestoned streets on your own.

If you have more than a weekend in Rome, book some tours that interest you the most but get lost in the city on a solo tour as well. Maybe a bike tour? Renting a bike and exploring the city is a great experience. Just be sure you’re comfortable biking in the centre first. It can get busy.

Long-Length Stays

If you have a longer stay planned in Rome, I would really push you to try out a few different options of tours. There is so much to see in Rome, and sometimes seeing the same thing twice but from a different perspective is a lot of fun.

So, even if you’ve already been to the area of Piazza Navona, maybe try a walking tour with a guide? Having a guide take you through this area; you’ll be told so many stories from Rome’s past it could be totally different. If you have a longer time in Rome, experiment with a few different tours and see what you like best. 

Tips for Tours in Rome

Choosing the kind of tour that suits you best could depend on many things. Are you travelling with your family, partner, parents, or friends? Your travel companion can be a big factor when choosing a tour. 

Some tours will cater more to seeing Rome with kids, and this could be something to look out for. Or maybe you and your partner are big foodies. Look into food tours in Rome. Perhaps you’re with your grandparents exploring the Eternal City, and they have bad knees, so looking for an option that is mindful of this is good—for example, a golf cart tour. 

So many scenarios could be made up to point you toward the perfect tour, so my best advice is to consider every person in your group and do some web searching. There really are endless options in a city like Rome.

Are Guided Tours Worth It?

In my personal opinion, yes. I love history, but it can be really difficult to remember it all when the city whose history we’re looking at is as old as Rome’s. So, having a guide to walk you through the stories Rome has to share is so worth it, in my opinion. 

Pros Of a Guided Tour

  • You won’t miss any important information.
  • You have someone with you to answer any questions that pop up.
  • You’ll be able to get a local perspective.

Cons To a Guided Tour

  • There is likely a time schedule. Sometimes that can be hard to work with while on holiday.
  • Maybe it is not in your budget, and sometimes it’s not in mine, and that’s okay.
  • It might be a group tour. Not a bad thing, but maybe not for everyone.

Touring Rome On Your Own

Rome is a beautiful city, and it’s a city that is incredible to get lost in. If you have the time and don’t mind feeling lost in a city that is not your own, wandering Rome and exploring it while being your guide can be a lot of fun.

Tips For Rome On Your Own

  • Download offline maps – Even if you don’t intend to use the maps and you just want to walk to wherever you end up, it is really important to have a safety blanket.
    Also, pin where you’re staying, your bus or metro stop close by, and any other places that might be important and helpful on your trip.
  • Give yourself a rough plan – Having a general idea of where you want to go and what you’re hoping to see that day can be helpful. This way, the decision will be easier if you need to regroup and pick a direction to go in.
  • Talk to locals – If you want to be your own Rome tour guide, that’s great. But I would really recommend talking to locals at the bar, the hotel, or maybe your waiter. If you find yourself conversing with a kind local, see if they have any advice for you.
  • Research – Look into Rome before you go. Give yourself a quick rundown of her past and present. Maybe read a Rome-based book or watch some movies set in the city. Look into audio guides and sightseeing maps. There will be a lot of resources at your disposal.

A great thing about being your tour guide is that it will be totally tailored to you. You can fill your days with precisely the things you like, skip past the places and things that don’t interest you, and create your own story with Rome. This is a nice option if a guided tour doesn’t fit your schedule or just doesn’t suit you.

Booking Tours in Rome

Because there are so many types of tours in Rome, things such as sites to book them, how to book them, how much they cost, etc, will all vary.

There are so many options for tour types, so the price of a tour could be anything. It will all depend on where the tour is, what you’ll be seeing, the length of the tour, and other variables. There really is an option for every budget.

How to Find and Book a Tour in Rome? 

Putting “Tours in Rome” into Google will bring up many options. You’ll be able to see tours suggested by TripAdvisor, local websites, Airbnb, and other sites. Be sure to check out a few different options to ensure you’re booking the best tour for you.

How Do You Book One Of These Tours? 

Of course, it will depend on which one you want to book. On places like Airbnb, you’ll purchase tours through them. For others, there may be websites that a company uses privately, or maybe you’ll find a WhatsApp number to contact the company or guide directly. 

Skip-The-Line Tickets

In Rome, at many monuments, you can purchase skip-the-line tickets. A ticket that will allow you to skip the long wait and give you entrance. Again, purchasing these tickets and how to do it depends on which monument you want to book. There are options online to purchase private tours with skip-the-line access or only skip-the-line entrance. Both are good options depending on what you’re after. 

Google will really be your friend when planning a trip to Rome. Choose the places you want to visit and which of those places you want a guide with you, and then with a few keywords, google will supply you with all the necessary information and paths to make your planning and booking as pain-free as possible.

How Many Days Do You Need To See Rome?

My honest answer to this question is I have no idea. I’ve spent years here and still discover new areas of the city. I still hear new stories from Rome’s past and find new local foods that have become my favourite. I genuinely think you would need a few lifetimes to see all of Rome and fully know her past and secrets.

Going to Rome to see it all will be exhausting and will tire you out. Go with an open mind to Rome. Book the tours that seem interesting to you, plan a few self-guided days, and see what you discover. Remember, you can always come back. And I can guarantee that when you come back, you’ll see what I mean by always discovering something new about the enchanting city of Rome. 

Attractions You Can’t Miss While in Rome

  1. The Trevi Fountain – Breathtaking, and for a good reason, this staple in Rome is a must-see and truly incredible to see in person.
  2. The Colosseum – One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Colosseum is full of history and beauty.
  3. The Pantheon – My personal favourite of all the monuments in Rome. I love walking past here when it’s late at night on my way home, and it seems like it’s all mine.
  4. The Vatican – While technically its own country, the Vatican is somewhere that is at the top of many peoples’ lists to visit when in Rome, and for a good reason.
  5. Castel Sant’Angelo – I love visiting this castle in the centre, it has a very cool history and gives a great view of the city.
  6. Piazza Navona – With three fountains and charm, this is an excellent piazza to explore and just sit while you enjoy the view.
  7. The Roman Forum – So fantastic to walk through the ruins of ancient Rome.
  8. Villa Borghese – While not technically an attraction in Rome, this park is a little bit of calmness in a very busy city. This park also has a lot to offer, and I love spending an afternoon here.
  9. The Appian Way – A bit more off-the-beaten-path, this area is a great place to do a bike tour, and it is beautiful.
  10. Baths of Caracalla – Some of Rome’s most famous baths but yet a surprisingly quiet attraction. Very cool place to check out. 

There are still so many places I could add to this list, and then I’m sure I still haven’t discovered some places that would have a home on this list. Rome has endless possibilities for you to discover. Look into tour options that suit you, your group, and your interests, and explore Rome in a way that will make your time here as special as possible. 

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