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St.Peter's Basilica

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Hop On - Hop Off Rome Bus Tours

If you want to fully experience Rome and all its attractions you need to cover a lot of meters. You can choose to walk, but there is an alternative that saves you a lot of time and energy: the Hop on Hop off buses. Rome's network of Hop on Hop off buses can get you to all of Rome's beautiful attractions in great comfort. You can choose cards for different durations so you can Hop on and Hop off whenever you want and organise and spread your visits just like you want.

Tour providers:

There is a wide variety of providers that offer bus tours around different routes through the city. There are regular companies such as Big Bus Tour Rome, I Love Rome Panoramic Tour and Rome Open Tour that have a general tour along the all of the famous buildings and structures. If you are looking for a tour that specializes in certain areas, you might for example be interested in the Romana Cristiana Tour, which focuses on the most prominent religious monuments and buildings of Rome. You could also choose for the Green Line Bus Tour, which is more environment-friendly.

Bus stop locations:

The bus stops that the route follows may differ between the different providers, but a lot of them include the following stops: Termini Station - St. Mary Major - Colosseum - Circo Massimo - Piazza Venezia - Vatican City & St. Angelo Bridge - Trevi Fountain - Via Ludovisi/Via Veneto - Barberini

Advantages compared to alternative forms of transport:

You could also opt for a Metro Card which allows the use of Rome's conventional transport network, but the Hop on Hop off buses offer you services that you don't receive with the regular network. One of the first main advantages is the stops; since the Hop on Hop off buses are designed especially for tourists they stop right in front or extremely close to the attractions you might want to visits. Whereas normal buses often don't have stops that close to the sites and also include a lot of other stops on their route that are irrelevant for you. The buses are often equipped with audio guides in up to 13 different languages that provide you with all the interesting facts and stories about the monuments and Rome in general. In the buses you can either sit inside or on the open or partially open second floor, if you still want to enjoy the weather.


Book your tickets for Hop on Hop off bus lines in Rome on-line.

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