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About is an independent website designed to provide visitors and new arrivals to Rome with the most up-to-date information about Rome and its surroundings.

People that contributed to pages on

Zaza Pastirik
the author of ideas, design and most of the photos.




Francesca Fabi
Passionate and gifted writer. Francesca devotes herself to our "Entertainment" section. She will escort you through the cultural spotlights and events of the eternal city, or you can just simply savour her seductive articles on "Roman cuisine".

Heidi Schwartz
Within our travel pages, Heidi will guide you through most "Ancient sights" of Rome.

Peter Kilby
History, art and Rome are his passions. Writing stories that will inform and entertain you is his gift.

Simona Vinati, Marco de Piaggi
Great contributors on the "Sights" section, in focus on architecture.

Anne Barthes
Anne takes care for our French website, translations and updates.

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e-mail: turismo[at]
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