Rome Segway Tours

Segways are the new way of transport in big touristic cities like Rome.

A Segway is an electrically driven, self-balancing, one-person vehicle that you control by leaning forwards and backward and by manual steering. The installed self-balancing device makes the Segway very easy to control and impossible to fall over.

Unique and Memorable Ways to Explore Rome

Rome is a wonderful city for tourists. It has everything. It has delicious food, beautiful buildings and monuments, museums, history, and more. Something else that Rome has to offer is unique ways to explore its charming streets and marvel at the monuments that add to Rome’s beauty. 

After living in Rome for a few years, my best friend and I came across what seemed to be a very Italian version of a ride-sharing app. It worked like any other taxi type of app.

You would say where you are and where you would be going. Then it matched you with a driver who picked up your ride. What made this a more Italian version, as I said before, is that it was a ride-sharing app that only worked with scooters, vespas, and other types of motorini. We used this app so often, and we loved it.

That was my first experience ever riding on the back of a bike like that, and I can truly say that it was a very unique and memorable experience. To be able to see Rome flying beside me was just incredible. 

I’m mentioning this story for a specific reason because I want to share some information about Vespa and Segways tours in Rome with you. Now, while the app my friend and I used in the past doesn’t seem to be around anymore, there are other ways you can get a wonderful and similar experience to explore Rome.

General Info

Rome is going to give you many options when it comes to ways to tour the city. Not even getting into the many, many kinds of tour options there are, if we look at only Segway and Vespa tours, the possibilities are already numerous.

A quick Google search will show you the many results for both Vespa and Segway tours. Both are excellent options and could fit well, depending on your style. In the search, you’ll find tour options such as:

  • Guided tours – private, group, and small group options
  • Self-guided tours
  • Day tours
  • Night tours
  • Sidecar Vespa tours

Night Tour

Maybe you plan on exploring some of Rome during the day but don’t want to just relax at the hotel in the evening. If that’s the case, a night tour could be great for you. Getting out to explore the city when the pace is a little slower, the monuments a little less crowded, and the charm of Rome in full swing.

Day Tour

Or maybe you’re planning on a long dinner and an early night. So, then a day tour would be your best option. You would ride past the other tourists and see the monuments basking in the Italian sun. You would be able to marvel at the city’s beauty and the life that is constantly bustling around in her streets.

Guided Tour

Do you want to get a complete understanding of and history told to you while exploring and touring the city? A guided tour is an excellent option because it gives you not only someone to provide you with all the essential facts and information but, most likely, that person knows the city very well and can answer any questions that pop up in your mind. Maybe your guide will even have some insider tips and tricks for the city.

Self-Guided Tour

A self-guided tour can be great too. Maybe you have already been to Rome and know her past quite well. Or perhaps it’s simply more of your style to figure things out along the way. Whatever the reason, if you decide to be self-guided, it won’t make it any less fun, just different and truly unique. That’ll be because you’ll be creating your itinerary.

Differences And Pros And Cons

While Vespa and Segway tours are both nice options, one may be more suited to your travel style. Let’s look at some pros and cons.

Vespa Tours

                       Pros                                           Cons

The typical Italian experience.Could be dangerous if you are doing a self-guided tour and have no experience on a type of scooter/motorbike.
Potential for the tour to go further around the city and see more “off-the-beaten-path” places.Many Vespa tours could be on the pricier side.
Option of guided or self-guided and also sidecars, if that makes you more comfortable.Rome has a lot of traffic. On a Vespa, you’ll surely be in the middle of it, at least for a little bit.
Will get you to many sights more quickly.I really can’t think of a fourth, so I’ll go with, maybe the helmet will mess up your hair.

Segway Tours

                       Pros                                           Cons

Even on a guided tour, you’ll get the freedom to drive yourself.Rome is busy. A segway in the centre of Rome could have a lot of starts and stops and a lot of obstacles.
Not as dangerous for a first-time driver.While it is easier and safer than a Vespa for a first-time driver, it can still take some time to get used to.
A great way to get close to the sights, even the ones that are a little further from the road.To be safe, this tour will also require the potentially hair-ruining helmet.

How To Choose What Kind Of Tour To Take?

  • You could look into what monuments you want to see on your tour, and that could be a good decision-making aid. 
  • You should also read reviews for the tours you’re considering.
  • Always search for a few keywords of things that are important for you to know. 
  • For example, search the keyword “safe” in the reviews and see if anyone has anything to say.

I truly think that either of these tour options would be a lot of fun. It just depends on your style of travel and tourism.

Sights To See While Roaming Rome

If you’re considering any kind of tour in Rome, most likely, you’ll want to see a few monuments along the way. Here is a list of sights and monuments I think are worth seeing. You can check out the places on my list, see what interests you and then look at which tours will take you there.

Of course, this list could go on and on. So, I only mentioned a few of my favourite places, and there are undoubtedly many more. While checking out tours, see if any places you don’t want to miss are mentioned.


In a city like Rome, vespa tour companies will be in demand. It just goes with the image of Italy that most people have. With that being said, it means there is competition between companies and options for you to choose from.

  • Look for Vespa tour options that have a driver to take you around. This is my personal opinion. Even if you’ve driven one before, while being in a city that is not your own, having a local behind the wheel is safer. Not only that, but it takes the stress off you, and you’ll get just to take in the view of the city.
  • Read reviews. Check out the company on Instagram, trip advisor, and other sights to look for reviews to ensure you’ll be happy with your decision.

Segway tours have also become very popular. While still demanding some balance and navigation skills, a segway tour is a little less dangerous and also fun. Keep in mind the same tip about the reviews, though. I think there are always a few very honest people. You don’t want to spend money on tour only to have one of your limited vacation days taken up by a bad tour and/or tour guide.


  • Wear a helmet. You won’t look silly. You’ll look smart. Also, you’ll never see most of the other people in Rome again, so who cares. Afterward, throw your hair up, brush it out, or head back to your place to freshen up before exploring more of the city.

  • Make sure you take a test ride on the segway so you know what you’re doing. 

  • Take a few minutes to get used to being on the Vespa if you plan to drive one yourself. 

  • Check if there are other requirements you need, like an international licence.

  • Wear comfortable clothing, not too flowy that it’ll get caught up in wheels, but comfortable enough to jump on and off a Vespa all day around Rome.

  • Wear shoes that don’t run the risk of slipping off. I think sandals would be okay, as long as they have a back. 

  • Listen to yourself. If you feel uncomfortable or like you’re out of your safety zone, don’t be afraid to take yourself out of the situation. Being safe and enjoying the rest of Rome is the most important.

  • To ride a segway in Italy, you must be 16 years old. So be sure to check for age restrictions. Some companies may have added their own age restrictions or other requirements. 

  • There could also be weight restrictions for these kinds of tours, so be sure to check those out before booking to ensure that your plans can be carried out.

  • If you’re not used to driving in Rome, I really, really suggest not doing a self-guided tour. It is dangerous for all those involved. If you really are sure that you want to do a self-guided tour anyways, look into Rome’s traffic and road rules.

  • In the end, the best safety tip is to be safe and aware and listen to yourself. 

Enjoy Rome and your holiday, and I hope my tips and advice have helped you choose your perfect tour. I can’t wait for you to explore Rome and its wonders in whichever unique way calls your name.