Rome Segway Tours

Segways are the new way of transport in big, touristic cities like Rome.

A Segway is an electrically driven, self-balancing, one person vehicle that you control by leaning forwards and backwards and by manual steering. The installed self-balancing device makes the Segway very easy to control and impossible to fall over. Before you start touring Rome on the Segway your guide will show you how to use and steer the vehicle in the orientation session.


The Segway enables you to move around Rome very fast and allows you to travel on the road, which means you can avoid herds of pedestrians. Segway tours take you around town and along the greatest monuments and sights much faster than you would go by foot. Traveling by Segway might also take you to beautiful places in the outer areas or just outside the city centre, that you would normally not consider going to, simply because they are too far away.

Rome by segway

Rome especially is a perfect city to Segway. You can go fast on the larger roads between the centro storico (historic centre) and other attractions such as the Vatican and still navigate easily through the narrow streets of the centre (which is impossible by bus or by car) to see some of Rome’s greatest masterpieces like the Colosseum and Piazza Navona.

Segway tours compared to bicycle tours

You might be wondering what a Segway tour offers you that a bike tour does not. Using the Segway is not only a fun and exhilarating activity itself, it also gives you a much better vision. Since you are standing up, your point of view is higher, which automatically will make you look around more easily. This will ensure a much better view of the city and its beauties. The enhanced view you experience on the Segway also makes the tour safer, because you will have a better overview of the traffic around you.


Although segways are very safe and easy to use

  • the minimum age to drive one is 16
  • people under 100 pounds/45 kilos and above 250 pounds/113 kilos are not allowed on segways