Rome’s wine

“What to drink when in Rome”

Have you ever wondered the origin of that good house wine you have tried last night in that restaurant? Probably from the vineyards of Lazio.
Once in Rome, dazed by so much magnificence, you probably tend to forget that the Lazio region, with the beauties of its surroundings, offers many surprises as well, first of all the wines.

The Ancient Romans, after all, who knew very well how to enjoy the pleasures of life, already figured out centuries ago the potential of this region, with its volcanic soils and lakes and the mild climate.

The hills surroundings Rome, with its vineyards, and generally speaking the whole Lazio county, produce every year more than 3 millions of hectolitre of wine.

Three are the main areas of the wine production in the Lazio region:

  1. The northern area (at the border with Toscana and Umbria), near Montefiascone and the Bolsena Lake, where the Est! Est! Est! wine is produced with the grapes of Trebbiano Toscano e Malvasia.
  2. The southern area of Frosinone e Zagarolo, a land where the Cesanese wine is produced, a wine that goes well with local food the “gnocchi alla romana” or “saltimbocca”.
  3. The Castelli Romani area, with its vulcanic hills, Castel Gandolfo lake, restaurants, patrician villas and towns of Frascati, Ariccia and Marino.
    The Frascati wine is produced here and it is probably the most famous wine of the region, delicate and perfect to be served with fish, appetizers and fresh cheeses at a temperature of 10°.


Antico Forno Roscioli, via dei Giubbonari 21. 22, tel. 06/6875287
area: Campo De Fiori
A wine bar run with passion and experience by the Roscioli family. Choose between the over 1500 wines while tasting their fish carpaccio, the soups or their delicious desserts

Trimani, via Goito 20, tel. 06/4469661
area: Termini Station area
A wine temple. Gourmet specialties sold and served here but above all, wines from all over Italy and the world.