Things to Do With Kids in Rome

There are plenty of things to do that will keep your little ones entertained and engaged in Rome. From exploring ancient ruins to enjoying delicious Italian desserts and meals.

Rome offers many spaces and events that are children-friendly, especially over the weekend as well as many parks where they can run and play safely with other children.

Practical Suggestions

  • If you need to use a stroller, be aware that access to the subway often lacks elevators. Also, public transport in Rome tends to be overcrowded.
  • First-time visitors to Rome may enjoy the tourist bus 110, which starts at Piazza dei Cinquecento (Termini Station). It runs from 08:40 a.m. to 07:40 p.m. The tickets are valid for the whole day.
  • A cheaper, child-friendly transport alternative is the tram, specifically:
    Number 19, which runs between Piazza Risorgimento and Piazza Porta Maggiore.
    Number 3, which runs from Valle Giulia (near the Zoo) to Stazione Trastevere.
  • Near Piazza Venezia, in Largo SS. Apostoli 59/65, there’s Mel Ragazzi, a children’s bookstore. It offers all kinds of literature for kids. You can buy as well a travel guide for Rome in English.
  • Enjoy with your children eating ice creams and pizza, which are particularly good in Rome.

Activities for Kids in the Centre

  • Little detectives for animals – Get your children ready to set out for our unconventional tour through the city center of Rome, where your children can become little detectives for animals.
  • Parks – Rome is a city that has many parks, and even in the historic centre, you’ll be able to find a few places to let your children run around.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, Largo Argentina – One of the free things to do with kids in Rome, and a favorite activity of little boys and girls, is running after the pigeons in front of St. Peter’s Basilica or at the square in front of the Pantheon.
    In the middle of the archeological site located in Largo Argentina, you can admire a lot of cats living within the ancient ruins. Cats here are laid back and used to having people around, it won’t be too difficult to approach them, stroke them, and even feed them.
  • Castel Sant’Angelo – Within the external walls of Castel Sant’Angelo, there’s a little playground, with stairs on the right and on the left side to get down there. You and your kids can relax here before or after visiting the monument.
  • EUR-Quarter’s Luna Park – Or alternatively, you can spend the whole day in the EUR-Quarter’s Luna Park, in Via dell’Industria (reachable by bus and metro), with lots of attractions for younger and older children.
  • The “ecological Sundays” – Sundays when the centre of Rome gets shut down to traffic and does not allow access to cars: the wide street of Via dei Fori Imperiali ( that connects the Colosseum with Piazza Venezia), therefore, becomes a great playground for the kids, with events and entertainers.
  • Gianicolo Hill – Every Sunday morning, there’s a little open-air theatre performance for children (only in the Italian language) on the top of Gianicolo Hill, where you will enjoy a superb view all over the city. There is also a little playground and ponies, and this will make the younger children happy.
  • Porta Portese flea market – Near the Gianicolo, in Viale Trastevere, every Sunday, there is the Porta Portese flea market. Older kids will like it( teenagers won’t miss the chance to buy T-shirts or a pair of cheap but cool sunglasses) while you will have to pay a bit more attention to little children because the market is really crowded.

Have Fun and Explore at Explora: The Children’s Museum

Just a few minutes away from Piazza del Popolo, you can find Explora, the Children’s Museum of Rome. With interactive games and exhibits on science, the environment, and modern technology. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, with up to four shifts each day. Shifts last 1 hour and 45 minutes, enough to let children visit a few of the 22 stations.

The stations available use AI, encourage teamwork, stimulate young age critical thinking, and offer activities for the whole family.

The best time to visit is the first shift. I recommend this location for toddlers and young children.


Check out their website for group pricing or free days.


Accessible by train, tram, car, metro A, and by foot. For exact lines, check here.


There is a small cafe on site Da Michele’s Pizza, an authentic famous Neapolitan pizza for lunch. I recommend going since it is one of the best pizza places in Rome. FYI the pizzas are HUGE.

Activities for The Whole Family at Villa Borghese

A stroll through Villa Borghese is a must if you are in Rome, especially if you are with children. If everyone needs a break, then head over to Villa Borghese, which has options for the whole family.

Little Tourist Train

The ride lasts about 20 minutes (tickets are purchased directly on the train). You can hop on the train in front of the cafe near the House of Cinema, across from the Borghese Gallery and Pincio Hill. The last train ride is at 7:00 p.m. I recommend this if you want to look at the park but don’t want to walk. 

Bike Rental

  • Find bike rentals for adults and children; most people rent electric quadricycles, but you can also find regular bikes for all ages.
  • All quadricycles have two additional small front seats for younger kids.
  • There are stands around Pincio Hill and the House of Cinema.
  • Be sure to bring an ID. If you do not have one, you cannot rent a bike.
  • The best entrance for the bikes is the Piazzale Flaminio entrance or Via Veneto.

La Casina di Raffaello

  • A very nice children’s library, with a reading corner, a room with big pillows where you can play barefoot, and a small shop with beautiful children’s books and games, admission is free. 
  • At the Casina di Raffaello, they often organize children’s workshops in the afternoons (for a small fee). 
  • Learn more:
  • The Casina is in the middle of the park, but Piazzale Flaminio and Via Veneto are the closest entrances.

Villa Borghese Pond

  • In the heart of Villa Borghese, you can rent a small boat for a little ride among ducks.
  • Rides stop after sunset, and if you were wondering, dogs can also ride on small boats.
  • This is a must in my opinion, children love it, and it gives everyone a chance to relax.
  • Piazzale Flaminio is the closest entrance. The pond is hard to miss. Anyone in the park can give you directions on how to get there.

Wooden Playground

Full of children of all ages and great if parents are looking to sit on a bench for a break while the kids have some fun. 

Right by the playground, there is sometimes a man who will occasionally bring his ponies. Toddlers can go for a short ride around the park. There is no saying when the ponies will be there or not.


The Biopark of Rome is located in the center of what is the “green heart” of the city. If you plan on going, forget about the idea of a classic “zoo”  because this zoo is designed to educate and engage young visitors while respecting the animals and their environment. They are open year-round (excluding December 25th).

Tickets are purchased online or at the entrance. Purchase them here.

The zoo has several cafes and restaurants, but there is also a picnic area if you prefer to bring your own lunch. 


Villa Borghese Park has nine entrances. The best entrance depends on your location and the attractions you want to see. Main entrances include:

  • Piazzale Flaminio entrance: This entrance is located at the edge of the park near Piazza del Popolo.
  • Via Veneto entrance: This entrance is located on the eastern side of Villa Borghese, near the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.

Reach For the Sky at Zero Gravity

If you’re looking for an indoor activity, then I’ ’ve got your back. Zero Gravity is open every day until 9:00 p.m.

 You must book in advance online and arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled time. Children must be at least 5 years of age for the main area, but there is a baby area with fun and safe structures (socks are mandatory).

Do not wear jeans, they are not allowed, and you won’t be able to get in. I would wear comfortable clothes and nothing thick because it gets hot inside.

Zero-Gravity has over 2000 square meters of space where you can find traditional and inclined trampolines; basketball hoops to try your hand at dunks worthy of an NBA player; tubs filled with foam cubes to dive into.

Here structures are built under the concept that “games have no borders or limits”; trampolines with light displays for fun scoring games; and those from which to dive into and land on soft and bouncy surfaces.

I would recommend going in the morning or during the week. Weekends, as expected, are usually crowded and full.


Domus Shopping Center, Via Bernardino Alimena 111

The easiest way to get there is with the Metro A line or with a taxi. It is a bit further out, so I would recommend planning a full day for this.

Explore Construction and Art at the Lego Expo

Until December 2024, Parco Leonardo hosts Europe’s largest Lego exhibition. More than 2,000 square meters of space dedicated to the world’s best toy, with a total of 100 models on display and seven million pieces used.

Large buildings, educational and interactive objects, unique constructions, and life-size figures, including the world’s largest Titanic, the U.S. Capitol, the Vatican, Marvel superheroes, smurf world, and Star Wars characters.

This is a unique indoor experience that is great to visit before leaving Rome on the way to the airport, considering it is a short car ride from Leonardo da Vinci airport (Fiumicino). 


Check out their website for group pricing.


Viale Donato Bramante, 31/65 00054 Fiumicino RM

FM1 Underground Railroad

Parco Leonardo Station by FM1 Subway Train

Main Stations: (Orte, Fara Sabina, Rome, Parco Leonardo, Fiumicino Airport) (Fiumicino Airport, Parco Leonardo, Rome, Fara Sabina, Orte).

I recommend using private transportation to get to this location.

Interactive Activities at Ikono

Ikono Rome is a palace for the whole family, with different rooms and experiences to explore. This is an activity that goes beyond history and art, allowing everyone to have some fun.

This is an immersive exhibit filled with color and modern concepts. The museum is open until 10:00 p.m. on weekends, so it is also something different to do after a day of tours.

For large groups, there is a 15% discount.


Via del Seminario 111, Roma, right in the center of Rome, by the Pantheon.

Things to do With Kids Near Rome

  • Ostia Antica – Little explorers will enjoy Ostia Antica, the ancient seaport and archaeological site near the city.
    You can get there by metro or (and that’s the nicest way) by boat, making your reservation at the info point located near the Tevere River, in front of Castel S.Angelo.
    You can reach the beach of Ostia too by metro. It can also be very pleasant to take a walk at the new harbour of Ostia, called “nuovo porto di Ostia”. You are very near the beach here, and there is a lot of space for your children to run around, not to mention many shops where to buy sweet treats or a slice of pizza, always a children’s favourite.
  • Zoomarine – On the coast near Rome, in Torvaianica, you may enjoy Zoomarine, a marine entertainment park where you can spend the whole day watching animals as protagonists.
  • Lago di Bracciano – If you want to visit the lake of Bracciano, located in the north of Rome, don’t miss the Playpark, an open-air playground with a swimming pool by the Lago di Bracciano shores.