Accommodation in Rome

The best places to stay in Rome

Our accommodation guide offers the most convenient reservation service for Rome. The selection of hotels, hostels, appartements, guesthouses, bed & breakfasts and campsites include over 5000 properties that can be booked online. No fees, no advance charges and cancellation free of charge.

Hotels in Rome

Next to several well known international hotel brands, Roman hotels often tend to be smaller family-owned businesses, often kept in family for generations, with unique warm atmosphere. Owners are welcoming and great neighborhood consultants. Our Where to stay guide will help You choose the perfect location for Your stay.

Rome Bed & Breakfast

Fairly new accommodation option for visitors to Rome is bed & breakfast accommodation. Roman hosts offer their spare rooms to visitors, generally for a much lower price than an equivalent hotel room.
Reserve your Bed & Breakfast in Rome with, reputable booking operator for Rome, Italy.

Hostels and dormitories

Rome hostels offer one of the cheapest type of accommodation in Rome. Their rates range from €17 for a bed in a share room with common social facilities.
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Rome apartments

There are several reasons why one might look for an apartment rental rather than a hotel accommodation when in Rome. Firstly, apartments (flats) are more comfortable and also functional (usually they are equipped with a kitchen, terrace…). Secondly, you get to experience life as locals do in a “Roman home”, and keep away from undesirable “tourist traps”. Thirdly, renting and apartment is very often much cheaper option.

Guest houses

This option combines the independence of apartments with the convenience of hotel services. We present a wide selection of guesthouses to choose from at the usual excellent conditions offered by


Most campsites are well out of town – suitable for an occasional excursion into Rome – with the exception of Village Flaminio, located near the Olympic Village, 6km (4 miles) north of the centre.