Termini Central Station Hotels

Transportation and multicultural centre of Rome, the area and the station itself have seen improvements in safety in recent years. Offers easy access to all other parts of Rome and great if you’re planning to travel to other Italian cities.

Don’t miss

Palazzo Massimo of the National Roman Museum, a five minute walk from the station. Houses seven centuries of Ancient Roman artifacts, sculptures, frescoes and a coin collection. Nearby Santa Maria Maggiore and Panella, Rome’s most sophisticated and least publicized bakery.


Recommended Accommodation around Termini

Book well in advance to stay at the Controra Hostel, located between Termini Station and Piazza Barberini, possibly Rome’s best budget accommodation. This hostel is always busy and accordingly lively, the rooms are airy, spacious and the modern decor full of colour. Come here to meet with other travellers and have fun.

Domus Australia is an excellent mid-range option. With beautiful outdoor eating spaces, terrace and court yard, and having undergone recent renovation, it also offers a great range of services.