Day trips from Rome

If you are, or will be, visiting Rome for a relatively long time (2 weeks for example), you might be interested in spending a day or two on an excursion to another place or city. There is a variety of guided trips available and the best way to book some of the following excursions is the daytrips from Rome at Tiqets webpage.

Mount Vesuvius – Pompeii

Located on the west coast of Italy, the Vesuvius is an active volcano well known due to its eruption in 79 A.D that has destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. If you’re coming to Naples, the Mount Vesuvius is a must see place since the area has been declared as a national park in 1995. You can hike the mount up to the summit. There are also some walking paths that give access to the amazing fuming crater. From the top of the Mount Vesuvius you will get the most incredible view over the Bay of Naples!

Trip from Rome to Naples

Naples is the third biggest cities in Italy and it is certainly one of the most romantic places of the country. The historic center has been classifies as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Naples is a perfect mix between elegance and anarchy. Next to the old architecture and the archeological remains, the urban Naples is full of surprising graffiti that have found their places next to classical Italian sculptures. Naples also offers fantastic landscapes that will make your stay unforgettable. In Italy, people have an ambivalent opinion about the city but for sure Naples doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Via Appia Antica

All roads lead to Rome. This is precisely because of the Via Appia Antica this idiom comes from. This road is the ancient Rome’s “Queen of roads” and goes from Rome to Brindisi’s port on the Adriatic coast. In the Roman Empire, this is where boats left for Egypt or Greece. Built up in the 5th Century B.C, the Appian Way used to be the widest and the largest road of the empire.

Appia Antica is now a national and archeological park surrounded by fields with remains and ruins from the Roman period.

Daytrip from Rome to Florence

Have you ever imagined walking in the streets of a city and feeling like you are in an open air museum? Then, welcome to Florence! Probably the heart of the Italian classical art. From churches to sculptures, from fountains to buildings, every single rock constitutes a piece of art in Florence. That is not even speaking of the romance that exudes from every corner of the streets and that create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Florence is magnificent and full of treasures. Just look around, you’ll get them.

Assisi and Orvieto

Assisi and Orvieto are picturesque ancient villages situated at the top of hills. Located in the region of Umbria, not far from Rome, these destinations are perfect to take a day off the city life. Assisi is also known as the town of Saint Francis. Built at the top of the Mount Subasio, Assisi offers beautiful panoramas over vineyard and olive trees. The Francis Basilica of Santa Maria Degli Angeli is a very rich cultural visit to do. From Assisi, the access to Orvieto is short and easy. Orvieto owns one of the Italy’s masterpieces of gothic art: the Gothic Cathedral with a facade made with stained glass, sculptures and mosaics. Visiting Assisi and Orviesto is the perfect alliance between a cultural trip and an off-time one.


Located in Tuscany the city of Pisa is really well known for its Leaning Tower. But Pisa has so much more to offer! In fact, the city counts three leaning towers, some amazing Gothic churches, great museums and the beautiful Piazza Dei Cavalieri. The city is bordered by the banks of Arno and owns the best universities of the country. It bestows Pisa upon a nice bar scene and a vibrant night life. The Locals take possession of the streets of Pisa and give a modern touch to this very Romanesque city.


Siena is one of the most important cities in Tuscany and one of the most touristic Italian cities. Siena offers a medieval historic center which has been declared as an UNIESCCO World Heritage Site. The city organizes its very famous Palio – a horse race that takes place twice a year in summer, an inheritance from the medieval period. What makes Siena really famous and unique is the diversity of its arts. Admire the architecture, visit the museums and discover paintings, sculptures and a lot of different pieces of art but most important: taste the food – a real ode to the Italian culinary art!


Tuscany seems to be the perfect region to spend some holidays. This area is the cradle of Italy classical art and architecture but is also very famous for its delicious wine (especially the Chianty) and its fresh made food. City lovers, Pisa, Naples and Florence would make your stay delightful. Between modern and ancient, discover the treasures of Italy. For those who prefer the countryside the region offers many activities such as hiking, cycling or walking in the mountains. Plus, the sea coast is a wonderful place to watch beautiful sunsets and capture the magic of Toscana.