Rome Bars & Pubs

Discover the spirit of Roman nightlife before walking into one of the most distinctive Rome’s bars and pubs.

Let me walk you through how I see the neighbourhoods, the entertainment they have to offer, and where you should go depending on your taste.

I also want to mention that in Italy, the places you go for a coffee will be called a “bar”. But for the purpose of this article, I’m discussing “bar” in the English sense. I’ll be giving you my advice on which neighbourhoods to check out for a beer, some wine, a cocktail, or whatever drink you choose.

1. Trastevere’s Bars

Trastevere is an area loved by locals as well as visitors to Rome. It has cobblestone streets, beautiful piazzas, live music, breathtaking churches, and so much more. A wide selection of local restaurants, osterie, selling classic Roman dishes. Because of all these features, Trastevere has made itself a must-visit place if you want to go for some drinks with friends.

  • Active – This neighbourhood is usually quite busy during the evenings, especially on weekends.
  • Chill – This is not the neighbourhood that will have a lot of club/dancing options. If you want a more chill and relaxing evening, this neighbourhood can offer you that.
  • Busy – While there are many chill bars, it is also an active place, as I mentioned. So, while there will not be so many club-type places, there will be places with loud music, good-priced drinks, and a party atmosphere, all while still feeling quite relaxed.
  • Unique – Trastevere has many small streets, and on some of these streets, you’ll find beautiful, quaint bars and restaurants nestled away. Sometimes it is worth stopping for a drink just to be a part of the scene for a few minutes.

2. Testaccio’s Bars

Testaccio, in my opinion, has it all. I mean everything. You want to check out a wine bar (enoteca)? You’ll find one. You want to head out with your friends and dance off the pizza? You’ll find a club or two. You want to find a small pub, craft beer place, or live music venue? Check Testaccio. 

Testaccio is a quite central neighbourhood but just out of the way enough that there are not too many visitors in the nightlife scene here.

  • Diverse – This neighbourhood can make anyone happy, it offers almost all types of drink/bar options, and you’re sure to make everyone in the group happy.
  • Local – From my experience, the bar scene in Testaccio will have more Roman residents rather than tourists. But don’t let that keep you from exploring all this neighbourhood has to offer.
  • Fun – From delicious food to great drinks and new bars on the scene, this area will surely be different from the others you’ll have visited in Rome. 

3. Monti’s Bars

Monti is a beautiful area that is trendy and stylish and will make you feel like you’re in a film.

It has picturesque Roman-coloured buildings and a cute little fountain where people sit around it, visit with friends, and have a Peroni in hand. It has weekend markets with local artisan sellers, and the Colosseum plays peekaboo in its streets when you turn a corner. Monti is enchanting. 

Monti is a hip and central area, so it’s in a great location for you to check out some bars before dinner, after, or even after some sightseeing. 

  • Location – The location on Monti is a big pull. It is close to the historic centre but also close to many monuments and not too far from the Termini station. So, it is not only a great neighbourhood for all the other reasons I mentioned, but it is also well-connected.
  • Unique – Monti is an area that is full of creativity. From the adorable shops full of great finds to the artisan market that happens here on the weekends to its great selection of sit-down bars. This area isn’t where you head to if you want to dance, but rather where you’ll find a great backdrop to your relaxing evening with friends. 
  • Cozy – Monti is nestled in the heart of the historic centre, and within Monti, many wine bars, the odd speakeasy, and some homey bars have made their home. You’ll feel relaxed in this neighbourhood. Whether you stay in one bar or check out a few, you’ll feel at home as the hours of the night pass by.

4. Campo de’ Fiori’s Bars

Campo de’ Fiori is an area of Rome with a long history, from being a trade area of the city to hosting executions. In modern days it hosts a market during the day where you can find many souvenirs of all sorts.

Campo de’ Fiori has many restaurants, but many of these are open late and are also an option for you if you’re looking for somewhere to stop and drink. 

When the day market shuts down, and the shopping is over, the piazza becomes more open, and you’ll get the workers of said restaurants trying to convince you to try out what they have to offer. 

  • Lively – As I mentioned, this area is so central that it could sometimes be used as a shortcut. Because of this, this area sees many visitors, some of which will surely stop off at one of the many options in the square for a drink or a bite. People will always be coming and going. There is also an American bar in this square that can get quite rowdy. These places are open late and offer visitors a good party vibe. 
  • People watching – Because the majority of these bars in Rome are right on the main piazza, you’ll have a great view of the city life. You can sit and share some drinks and delicious food with friends while seeing Roman life in front of you. 
  • Tradition – As I said before, this area has a long past. So, if you’re into history, it could be cool to check out some of the more traditional options this piazza has to offer. Maybe a traditional wine bar?

5. Pigneto’s Bars

Pigneto is an area that, until recently, wouldn’t have made the list. A few years ago, I started hearing more and more about Pigneto. What used to be a fairly unknown neighbourhood to tourists and visitors of Rome has become a very cool scene with bohemian vibes to check out.

In Pigneto, there will be endless options for you. From beautiful and wonderfully crafted cocktails, craft beers, and classic pubs to wine bars. You’ll be able to find it all. Walking from one place to another, be sure to also keep an eye out for some of Pigneto’s truly incredible and eye-catching street art.

  • Up-and-coming – I say up-and-coming because this area is still growing. It has made some incredible changes in the last few years, but there are still so many new craft beers, master cocktails, and event spaces appearing. Are you looking for artisanal markets or maybe an artisanal gelateria? Pigneto will offer you that. You want a traditional Roman dinner before you head to a live music venue? Go to Pigneto. This area is a lot of fun. It has so much to offer in the way of talent and diversity.
  • Vibrant – This area has become a home to many creative business owners. It is safe, as is Rome in general. Just be aware of your surroundings, like in any city.
    And it is just so cool. I really don’t know a better way to describe it. The people, the restaurants, the bars or all sorts, the life you’ll feel around you, just makes it all feel very cool. It’ll be as if you’ve discovered a great area of Rome that maybe isn’t on everyone’s list when they come to Rome. It’s something special.

Is That All?

Rome is huge. So, of course, this is just touching the surface of Rome’s bar scene.

There are many neighbourhoods in Rome, and all of them have great bars to offer to visitors of Rome, but these five are the ones I think you should check out first. These areas are full of character. They have many options for all sorts of bars, and they are well connected and either in the historic centre or not too far away. 

Hopefully, my advice here will lead you toward some wonderful bars where maybe you’ll find the best spritz or craft beer in all of Italy.