Rome bars & pubs

“Selection of cozy music bars and pubs of Rome that you probably won’t find in any other travel guide. Rome bars chosen by Francesca Fabi.”

TIP: Discover the spirit of Roman nightlife before walking into one of the most distinctive Rome’s bars and pubs.

DRUNKEN SHIP, piazza Campo de Fiori 20, tel. 06/68300535
location area: Campo de Fiori
This is a popular spot for all the foreign young people who stop in Rome( mainly Americans and British) but also for those italians who want to mix up with them and experience what a frat party would be: a tipsy crowd, loud hip hop music, shots and beers like it would pour. Foreign staff.

DREAD LION, via scalo San Lorenzo 77, tel. 06/ 4468231
area: San Lorenzo
A reggae temple in the heart of the university area. A good place to enjoy a beer in total relax while listening to reggae tunes and dreaming of being in Kingston.

Alexanderplatz, via Ostia 9, tel. 06/ 39751877
area: Prati
Everybody in town who loves jazz knows this place. You can have dinner here and listen to the finest local and international jazz bands. Better call in advance to book.

BAR BAR, via Crescenzio 18, tel.06/ 68308435
area: Prati/Vatican

Not far from the Vatican and Castel Sant’ Angelo, it is a minimalist, elegant lounge bar New York Style where teenagers and posh, stuck up urbanites head for an aperitif or a drink.

FIDDLER’S ELBOW, via dell’ Olmata 43, tel. 06/ 4872110
area: Esquillino
Legendary irish pub, active since 20 years and a sure address for the expats in Rome. It serves beers such as Guinness , whiskeys and rums in a relaxing and warming atmosphere.

BIG MAMA, via de San Francesco a Ripa 18, tel. 06/ 5812551
area: Trastevere
This is Rome’s house of blues. There are concerts every day and some of the best blues musicians have played here. You can have dinner( mainly pub food), drink a beer and enjoy a fine blues performance.

Societe Lutece, piazza di Montevecchio 17, tel. 06/ 68301472
area: Piazza Navona
Right behind piazza del Fico and a few steps from piazza Navona, in a tiny square off the usual tracks, it opens at 9 for breakfast( on Sunday it serves brunch) and it will continue to serve coffees, cocktails and wine until the late hours, when a various crowd of students and less young people shows up for aperitivo and a chat. Informal and very welcoming.

Oppio Caffe, viale delle Terme di Tito 72, tel. 06/ 4745262
area: Colosseum
Not many places in the world allow you to sip your beer while looking at the Colosseum. Bar and restaurant where you can eat a pizza, drink a cocktail with friends, listen to bossa nova, jazz and lounge music and enjoy the unique and breath taking surroundings.