Day Trip From Rome to Mount Vesuvius

Most famous for its eruption in the year 79 A.D., which covered the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in lava and killed thousands of people.

In mythology, the mountain is devoted to Hercules, who pacified the region. You can visit Vesuvius (which is located just 10 kilometers from Napoli), but if you do so, you must come prepared. In order to reach the top, you must climb around 200 meters because the vehicles do not take you all the way to the top.

A 200-metre climb is nothing a person with the average condition can’t handle, but make sure you bring water. Also, realise that due to the high altitude, temperatures can drop, and it can be rather cold, so bring warm clothes. When you have reached the top, the views over the bay of Napoli are astonishing. You will also be able to see the crater of the volcano, so this trip is truly worth it.

It takes 2,45 hours to get there by car from Rome, you can also choose to take the train to Naples and take buses to the foot of the Mountain.