Rome clubs

“This Selection of music clubs in Rome Carefully was picked out by Marc A. Cefaratti, here you’ll find a mix of trendy to underground to gay-friendly Clubs for all ages, we also picked these places because they are probably more accessible if you’re visiting Rome for a short trip, we advise to call them to RSVP.”

TIP: Discover what’s the spirit of Roman nightlife alike, before getting ready to dance all night in one of the most distinctive nigh clubs & bars of Rome.

MICCA CLUB, via P. Micca 7/a, tel. 06/ 8744079
location area: Esquilino
Glamorous and multifunctional bar. It offers cocktails, aperitivs, dj sets, with a music variety that ranges from lounge to soul, from vintage to funky.
There is also a stage for live performances and a flea market of Sunday.

BRANCALEONE, via Levanna 11, tel. 06/ 82000959
area: Montesacro
Located in the north suburbs, it is worth a little trip. It was once a full time squat/ social space but it is now mainly a cool night club with an exhibition gallery, even a library, a cinema, an outdoor space and a laid back crowd that gathers here to enjoy a drink at the bar or to attend shows of first class artists such as Kruder and Dorfemeister and Timo Maas. Different nights depending from which dj is playing: finest electronic music and drum’n bass, sometimes reggae.

QUBE, via di Portonaccio 212, tel.06/ 43854450
area: Tiburtino
The biggest disco in Rome, not far from the Tiburtina train station. Three floors, underground ambience ( indoor but also outside: do not expect anything fancy so leave your best dress home) and a music spectrum that goes from black music to metalgoth or new wave. The main djs are from the local Radio Rock- the name says it all. The very well known evening of Muccassassina is also hosted here: it is a gay friendly evening with drag queens and go go boys open to everybody with no prejudices.

AKAB CAVE, via di Monte Testaccio 69, tel. 06/ 57250585
area: Testaccio
This is one of the most well known spot in town, on 2 floors(dance floor is located in a cave) and with a beautiful courtyard with a japanese style garden, very enjoyable in the summer time. The music changes here, depending on the evening(house or black music, easy listening or electronic).

Goa, via Libetta 13, tel. 06/ 75748277
area: Ostiense
An institution between the roman discos. Trendy, with wood and metal interior design and plasma Tv screens, it is the home of the well known dj Claudio Coccoluto and of famous Italian and international house and tecno djs( like Martin Solveig or Riccardo Villalobos). Call in advance to make sure you can get in: you usually have to be on a list to be able to get in.

NU- FAKE, via di Monte Testaccio 64, tel. 06/ 75748277
area: Ostiense
As it often happens in Rome, also this club host nights that change depending on the kind of music played and on the dj: it can be black, house and commercial( which is what most romans seems to like) or electronic. 60’s and pop art ambience.

ART CAFE, viale del Galoppatoio 33, tel. 06/ 36006578
area: Via Veneto/ villa Borghese
This disco( with a beautiful garden) is the place for you if you feel like wanting to be surrounded by machos and girls who look like they just wish to be on a Tv show set, all dressed to kill and ready to show off. It sometimes hosts fashion shows.

45 GIRI, via Libetta 19, ph. 06/ 57288666
location area: Ostiense
Situated in one of the main streets of the entertaiment of the Ostiense area, it is a 60’s style glam club, always packed and with a huge bar assaulted for the aperitivo ritual.

Rock Castle Cafe, via Beatrice Cenci 8, ph. 06/ 68807999
location area: Jewish ghetto
A disco pub located in the dungeons of an old Palace( Palazzo Cenci). It is dark, narrow, with a medieval feel and crowded with youngsters( romans and foreigners) who want to rock the house sipping cocktails and mingling.

Big Bang, via di Monte Testaccio 22, ph. 328. 4533878
location area: Testaccio
Open usually on weekend and for special events only, it is the place to be for the alternative rock and new wave lovers.