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Special TOURIST TICKETS, public transportation in Rome

How to travel with the public transportion in Rome (bus, tram, metro lines, train within the city) with the most economical options for visitors? Here is a list of all possibilities, plus the special buses and boats that lead the visitor to discover the most famous sights of Rome.


Biglietto semplice B.I.T. (time integrated ticket)
Price: 1,00 Euro
B.I.T. tickets can be used on any means of transport in Rome; they are valid for 75 minutes and the visitor can take any transport mean to reach the preferred destination during the 75 minutes time. Tickets needs to be stamped when starting the travel; if the visitor takes the metro, then the ticket needs to be stamped a second time.

Biglietto giornaliero B.I.G. (one-day ticket)
Price: 4,00 Euro
Valid 24 hours on any means of transport, it must be stamped only one time (when starting the travel); in case the visitor use the metro, the ticket must be exhibited to the controller at the entrance of the metro line.
!WARNING: this ticket is valid untill the midnight (of the day it had been stamped)

Biglietto per 3 giorni B.T.I. ( 3-days tourist integrated ticket)
Price: 11,00 Euro
It is valid for 3 days in a row on any public means. It has to be stamped just once when starting the travel and exhibited to the controller at the entrance of the metro line.

Biglietto settimanale C.I.S. (tourist one-week integrated ticket)
Price: 16,00 Euro
It is valid for 7 days in a row and it has the same terms of use like the B.T.I., only the owner must write on the card his/her own name.

SPECIAL TOURIST BUSES: fares and tours

110 OPEN
Price: 16,00 Euro
Reduced ticket: 7,00 Euro (kids from 6 to 12 years old)
Free ticket: kids under 5 years old
The bus departs every 10 minutes from Piazza del Cinquecento (the square in front of Termini Railway Station). Tickets can be purchased at the Infopoint Trambus on the square or directly on board (in this case the price increases of 0,50 Euro). The 110 Open bus crosses about 40 of the most famous sights of Rome and it stops at: Quirinale, Colosseum, Bocca della verita (Mouth of Truth), Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, St Peter's Square, Piazza Cavour, Ara Pacis, Trevi Fountain, Via Veneto, and back to Termini Station. It works like a ‘jump on’ / jump off’ tour, and the visitor can stop at any of the above mentioned sights, as long as the ticket is used just one day.
The whole tour lasts about 2 hours. A hostess on the bus offers a guided tour in different languages. The 110 OPEN ticket ist valid the whole day.
The bus operates according to the following timetables:
For info and booking call: 06/6840901

Price: 13,00 Euro
Free ticket: kids under 5 years
Like the 110 Open, the Archeobus departs everyday(including holidays), every 20 minutes from Cinquecento Square (from 9:00 to 16:00) and it stops at the most famous Roman archaeological sights along the Appian way (Circo Massimo, Mura Aureliane, San Callisto and San Sebastiano catacombs, Tempio di Romolo, Circo di Massenzio, Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella, Villa dei Quintili, Mausoleo di Casal Rotondo, Valle della Caffarella, Baths of Caracalla, etc).
The hostess on the bus describes the sights in different languages. The journey lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes and is valid the whole day.
If you purchase the ticket on board there is an over price of 1,00 Euro.
For info: 06/6840901

There is the possibility of a join ticket for 24,00 Euro per person. The ticket is valid 2 days.



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