Rome car rental

More than any other city, Rome is made for exploration and for discovering hidden treasures.The best option for free-spirited roaming and getting to know Rome at your own pace is probably to rent a car. A car rental will give you the freedom to cruise in and around Rome to absorb its art, unique atmosphere and beauty.

Tip: Book well in advance to ensure the car of your choice and avoid increased rate due to currency swings.

Car rental is particularly comfortable for travelling in small groups or for family travel, to make sure you obtain the best budget bargains available, refer to our onsite car rental service. We cooperate with the most reliable car rental companies such as Hertz and Avis to offer you the best experience possible.

Rome airport and train station car rentals

Arriving at either Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport you will find a number of operating car rental offices.

Fiumicino Airport Car Rental

At Fiumicino Airport all car rentals are located in Office Tower 2, please follow the signs from Arrivals. Following is a list of operating agencies.

Auto Europa +39 06 65017450

Avis-Budget +39 06 65957885

Europcar +39 06 65761211

Hertz +39 06 65955842

Locauto +39 06 65048215

Maggiore +39 06 6501678

Sixt +39 06 65953547

RENT4U +39 06 659570613

Ciampino Airport Car Rental

Operating at Ciampino Airport are the following car rental companies, they are situated at the airport entrance, next to car parking lot P8 on Via Mameli.

Auto Europa +39 06 79340689

Avis-Budget +39 06 79340195

Europcar +39 06 79340387

Hertz +39 06 79340095

Maggiore +39 06 79340368

Sixt +39 06 79340802

Locauto +39 06 65959475

Goldcar +39 06 79340898

Termini Car Rental

Cross the road from Termini Central Station to Via Giolitti where various car rental have offices; with the exception of Maggiore, which opens everyday from 8:00 to 23:00, the majority of car rentals are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 19-20:00, till 18:00 on Saturdays and closed Sunday afternoon. Principal operating car rentals are Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Auto Europa, Sixt, Targarent, Autorental, and Maggiore.

Tip: Get a written confirmation number of your car rental and inform your company agent at the airport of your scheduled arrival, in case of delay your car reservation will remain valid.

Tip: Pick-up from the airport equals an increased rental cost because of premium station fees (surcharge). Bear in mind that airport surcharge only applies to rental pick-up, but does not apply if you return the car at the airport. You might consider picking-up at a city location and returning the car at the airport when flying home.

Calculating real cost of your car rental

Most car rental rates generally include illimited mileage, third party liability and VAT(Value added tax).

It’s common practice for car rental companies to advertise basic car rates without including other necessary charges; in Italy, insurance CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and Theft Protection are both required by law and must be bought directly from car rental agency.

Make sure you read and under stand the rental agreement and ask for the final all-inclusive charge in advance of signing, also require a copy in English.

Tip: CDW usually has a deductible in the 1000$ or more range, to reduce this to zero, you can choose to buy the Super CDW. Alternitavely, ask your insurance whether they will cover this deductible.

Cheap Car Rental in Rome

If insurance and theft protection are mandatory, a great many other added fees are not. Fees pile up through fuel charges, car equipment such as GPS amd infant car seats, road tax, additional driver, under- or overage drivers. Consider if the extra is really necessary, otherwise save money and Keeping real cost low

Automatic vs manual transmission

The type of transmission the car has is also relevant to cost: automatic transmission may cost you up to an extra 50%, with manual transmission also ensures better gas mileage.

Tip: Do not accept prepaid fuel, if you return the car with leftover gas you will not receive a refund. Also refuse fill-up by car rental: you will be asked higher rates for the gas and you will additionally be paying a refill charge.

Driver’s license

If coming from States, an IDP (International driver permit) is necessary to rent a car in Italy.

Tip: Only the AAA or Nac (National auto club) offices are permitted by U.S. State Department to issue this document, do not buy online.

Rome car rentals Pick-up and Return locations

Both pick-up and return of your car are crucial moments for your wallet:

At both times conduct a thorough inspection of your car with your car rental company representative by your side, take photographs, and require written proof of the car’s conditions. Take care to notice general conditions such as any scratches, dents etc, and the condition of tires. Also start running your car for a couple of minutes and check if everything is functioning properly. Check for cleanliness.

Tip: On returning your car, remember to check for any personal possessions, get written proof that the car has received no damage. Try not to fill up near airport, as gas is more expensive, and get a receipt for refill costs you have incurred.