Kid’s Rome: detectives for animals

Here are some characteristic points in the centre where your children become explorers searching for animals represented within fountains, churches and other monuments.

I From the station “Termini” to “Piazza Barberini”

Have a look at the fountain in “Piazza dei Cinquecento”. You can see four representations of the “ninfa” of the 4 different kinds of water; sea, river, lake and sotteranean water. Every “ninfa” has a different animal. Don’t forget to look at all the eagles at this place.
Looking at Via Nazionale, move to your right, and you’ll get in “Piazza S. Bernardo”, having now on your right one of the ugliest fountains, the image of a gigantic Mosé. Here you can find a lots of animals (lions, eagles, …)
Let’s go now in Via Barberini, following the street, you get into “Piazza Barberini” which has two very particular fountains, one in the centre, and another one at the beginning of Via Veneto. In the centre, the fountain of Tritone, you see delfins and if you take a nearer look, also beens. The little fountain in Via Veneto, is over and over full of beens. Near the fountain there’s also the entrance to catacombs with real bones.

II From “Fontana di Trevi” to the “Quirinale”

The Trevi fountain is surely one of the most known fountains in the world, children are not allowed to get into the water, even in the hotest summer, but they may throw coins in it. Also in this fountain, you can see great horses and you can spot a lion on the right side.
Looking at the fountain behind you on your right side, go to Via San Vincenzo and then to Via della Dataria “climbing” up the Quirinal hill. Here’s the residence of the italian President of the Republic. Inside the palace, there’s a wonderful garden, sometimes it’s opened also to the public in the weekend. In the middle of the place stand two very high horses. Here are also the “scuderie del Quirinale”, a palace which gives place of always changing important exhibitions.
In Via del Quirinale, stands the “S. Andrea church”, at the fassade, you may notice two delfins and a lot of very particular angels inside and outside, released by Bernini. Not far from here, turning right in the direction of Via Nazionale, you are near the “Palazzo delle Esposizioni” with always new exhibitions in a great context.