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Rome sights and attractions

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Great Squares (Piazze)

Rome's squares are one of the main attractions of the Italian Capital, perhaps 'the core' of the city itself.
In Piazza for meeting each other, to amuse, chat with friends, and for events or for the daily 'happy hour'.
Piazza del Campidoglio (on the Capitol Hill) houses the city council; Piazza Venezia represents the 'heart of the city'; Piazza Navona displays the spectacular Baroque triumphant architecture; Piazza di Spagna is a masterpiece of the XVIII century with its famous Spanish steps and, last but not least, St Peter's Square is the majestic access to St Peter's Basilica, the centre of Christianity.

Roman basilicas and churches

Within Rome there are about 19 basilicas to be found, out of which 3 are patriarchal: St Peter's Basilica - the world's largest basilica of Christianity; St John in Lateran (San Giovanni Laterano) - former seat of the bishop’s residence and the most ancient church in the world, Santa Maria Maggiore...

Ancient Rome sights

The hugest structure of its type in the ancient Rome, the elliptical-shaped Colosseum, took about ten years to build. The centre of ancient Rome entertainment, where the gladiatorial and animal combats were held, but contrarily to popular belief, it was not the place where Christians were put to death. Surely the top tourist attraction in Rome.

Roman Forum
The central area around which the ancient Rome developed. Administrative and corporate heart of Rome.

One of the most impressive buildings of the Imperial Rome. Originally dedicated as a temple to "all the gods", therefore the name. A remarkable architectural feat, it remains the world’s largest unreinforced dome.

Appian Way
The Appian Way is an archeological park where to soak in the sunshine while strolling past ancient Roman tombs of patrician families. Visit the catacombs of St. Sebastian and Callixtus.

Vatican Sights

The Vatican State encloses St. Peter’s Church and the Vatican Museums; the awe-inspiring late Rennaissance masterpiece was completed in over 150 years and built over a pre-existing Early Christian basilica.

Highlights include Michelangelo’s Pietà, the Vatican Gardens, climbing the winding staircase to the top of the cupola for a magnificent view, the Sistine Chapel and Raffaello’s Rooms, both part of the Vatican Museum, the immense wind-swept square encircled by the colonnade.

Rome fountains

The splendid Fontana di Trevi, a towering marble facade of statues and horses which seem to stampede out of it, the Fountain of the Four Rivers on Piazza Navona and the Tritone Fountain are unmissable and might just cool a hot day; make sure you don’t overlook their less spectacular counterparts, such as the Fontana delle Tartarughe, an exquisite smaller fountain built in 1500, with a romantic tale tied its origins.

Trevi Fountain
Fontana di Trevi, one of the top Rome's attractions that is never to be missed.

Fountain of Four Rivers

A true masterpiece designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Fountain of the Four Rivers is an outstanding monument of one of the most remarkable Rome's squares, Piazza Navona.

Rome Sightseeing

The Palatine Hill is one of the oldest inhabited parts of the city and residence to aristocratic families and emperors.

The Trajan Market is one of the most well preserved monuments from the past. It has multiple floors of administrative offices and shops dating from ca. 100 A.D., including the famous Via Biberatica.