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Galleria Borghese, Rome

We could not speak of Villa Borghese without considering at once the Borghese Museum and Gallery. Cardinal Scipione Borghese was also a real protector and the young Bernini was commissioned with several sculptures. Today these works are considered to be among the most important ones by the principe of (not only Roman) Baroque.

Galleria Borghese is divided in two sections: the Museum is on the ground floor and displays sculptures, while on the upper floor the Gallery collects paintings.

You can buy Borghese Gallery tickets online.

The museum displays, in addition to Bernini's above mentioned works ("Proserpine's rape", "Apollo and Daphne", "David throwing a sling"...) also Roman time wonderful works ("sleeping Hermaphroditus"), as well as the famous "Lying Venus" by Canova, portrayiting the beautiful features of Maria Paola Bonaparte (1780-1825).

Several important paintings are exhibited in the Borghese gallery, among others the outstanding works by Titian (:the sacred and the profane love") and by Raphael, whose "deposition" was even stolen from the Baglioni Chapel in San Francesco Church in Perugia: the Pope, one of the Cardinal Scipioni's uncles, answered the protests of Perugia citizens sending them a copy painted by Lafranco and saying that he could not pary without that painting.
Maybe Caravaggio's best works are displayed in Rome's Borghese gallery: the "Madonna of the Grooms", "St. Jerome", "St. John Baptist", "David with Goliath's head". "Young man with a fruit basket", the "little Bacchus": the latter is an example of the methods used by Cardinal Borghese to...enrich his collection. The painting belonged to Cavlier D'Arpino and the Cardinal ordered to search his house, which was found to be full of unauthorised weapons. For this reason poor Cavaliere was imprisoned and sentenced to death. He could only escape death when he handed over the painting.

Borghese gallery in Rome also hosts works by Annibale Carracci, Francesco Albani, Guido Reni, Guercino, Antonello da Messina ("portrait of a man"), Domenichino ("Diana's hunt"), Bronzino ("St. JOhn Baptist").

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