Trams in Rome

While not the most widespread means of public transport in the city, it is often cited as the cleanest and smoothest option – and it can still help you reach the Vatican and Colosseum, as well as the foodie neighbourhood of Trastevere. Here’s everything you need to know. Tram Lines There are six lines in … Read more

Omnia Card

The Omnia Card is a sightseeing pass that offers visitors access to some of the top attractions in Rome and Vatican City. What is the Omnia Card? It is a comprehensive Rome tourist card that includes free admission to over 30 attractions, skip-the-line access to some of the most popular sites, and unlimited use of … Read more

Trains in Rome

Trains may not be your most used mode of transportation while in Rome, but it’s still worthwhile becoming familiar with the system.  Whether you want to travel further afield in Italy or simply arrive in the centre from the airport, it’s useful to know more about the city’s train network. Rome Train Stations Unsurprisingly, regular … Read more

Rome Transport Passes

Looking to get the best value out of your public transport tickets in Rome? We’ll talk you through the different passes available, looking at price, validity, and how to use them to help you find the right ticket for your trip. Types of Rome Transport Passes ATAC Weekly Pass If you want unlimited use of … Read more

Rome Buses

Buses are the most widespread network of public transportation in Rome – if you want to explore the city beyond the center or give your feet a rest, chances are you’ll have to familiarise yourself with them. They cover the whole city from 05.30 to 24.00. From midnight, there are night buses which run less … Read more

Transport in Rome

So you’ve arrived in the Eternal City – now what? Getting used to a new transport system in a foreign city can be intimidating. We’re here to help make it a smooth transition. We’ll help you get to grips with the best ways to explore the city, from reaching the center from the airport to … Read more

Scams & Tourist Traps

Rome welcomes upwards of 10 million tourists every year, so there will be some things to watch out for. Scams and tourist traps are prominent in every major city as they have a large audience of scammers. I want to give you a list of some common traps that might give you a poor impression … Read more

Online Tickets in Rome

A quick look online will show you that there are a lot of ticket options to choose from when you are planning your Rome vacation and some important choices to make. To help you decide which tickets are the right for you, we’ve put together a guide to everything you need to know, from getting … Read more

Rome Public Transport

Rome’s public transportation system consists of buses, trams, metro, and train lines conveniently connecting every corner of Rome. Although Rome is a very walkable city, sometimes you need to rest your feet up or travel a little further afield. Public transport is a great, cost-effective way to get around the Eternal City – here’s what … Read more

The Metro in Rome

Rome’s metro offers a fast and convenient way to move around the city, and won’t cost you a fortune. Here’s everything you need to know. Rome Metro Map Traveling by Metro in Rome Rome has 3 metro lines: A, B, and C. You’ll probably only need to know about Line A and Line B. These … Read more