Roman-cuisine restaurants of Rome

“Finest selection of restaurants carefully chosen by a real Roman Francesca Fabi”

TIP: Explore the Roman food specialities before you plunge into our list of recommended restaurants in Rome.

Da Lucia
via del Mattonato 2B, tel. 06/580301
location area: Trastevere
Opened in 1938, this rustic, family run trattoria serves generous servings of traditional home made Roman cuisine such as Roman style gnocchi and cuttlefish with snow peas.

Agata e Romeo
via c. Alberto 45, tel. 06/4466115
area: Esquilino
A little pricey and elegant, it brings Roman cuisine to the next level: Roman dishes with a bit of an edge, mixing tradition with some creativity. Good wine list.

Via del Portico D’Ottavia 21/9, tel. 06/6861105
area: Jewish Ghetto
Set in the Old Jewish Ghetto, only steps away from the Portico D’ Ottavia and the Synagogue, it is well renowed for its Roman- jewish dishes.

Checco er Carettiere
via Benedetta 10, tel. 5817018
area: Trastevere
It is located in the heart of Trastevere, one of the most characteristic ”Roman” area . It is great for a full immersion in the roman gastronomic culture and true to tradition dishes.

Alfredo ed Ada
Via dei Banchi nuovi 14, tel.066878842
area: Piazza Navona/ Campo de Fiori
Tiny cozy Rome restaurant is active since 60 years. Tables with paper cloths and a honest menu unchanged in time: amatriciana, carbonara, meat balls with tomato sauce and house wines

Sora Margherita
piazza delle Cinque Scole 30, tel. 06/6874216
area: Jewish Ghetto
In the heart of the Ghetto, this is the place for people who look for authentic atmosphere and good food. Everything screams Rome here and the Roman-jewish tradition is everywhere: in the pasta soups( with chickpeas, with lentils, with skater or beans), in the second courses, in the desserts.

Armando al Pantheon
Salita Dei Crescenzi 31, tel. 06/68803034
area: Pantheon
A very welcoming restaurant, whose menu offers many delights such as different kinds of bruschetta and a great selection of second courses and vegetable “ alla romana”.