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Capitoline Museum in Rome

Capitoline Museums consist of two palaces, the entrance ticket (€7.80) is valid for both. Capitoline Museum, Capitol Hill, Rome

Palazzo Nuovo
The smaller building of Capitoline Museums was opened to the public in 1734 by Pope Clement XII.
This Palace contains mostly fine selections of Greek and Roman sculptures as Discobolus. Portrait busts of Greek politicians, scientists and poets can be seen in Hall of the Philosophers.

Palazzo dei Conservatori
The Palazzo dei Conservatori was was the seat of the city's magistrates during the late Middle Ages. Its halls covered with colourful frescos are still occasionally used for political meetings and the ground floor is the seat of the municipal registry office.
Masterpieces as huge sculpture of Constantine, Bernini's Medusa and fabulous paintings by Veronese, Tintoretto, Caravaggio or Van Dyck can be seen here.
Outside the palace, the 'She Wolf' with Romulus and Remus can be found.

Capitoline museum
Piazza del Campidoglio, Capitol Hill, Rome
Phone 06/39967800 (Information)
67102475 (Director's Office)
Opening hours:
Tue - Sun, 9.30am - 8pm


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