Theatre & Opera in Rome

Rome has a lively scene for those who love teather and opera. From classical theatre pieces to ballet, from a musical to opera compositions, the city offers a wide range of possibilities, with her off theatres or with her more institutional theatres.
For the classical music lovers, a special mention goes to the Auditorium which hosts, among the other things, also the prestigious music foundation and Institution of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia.
We have already mentioned the fact that as Rome has a very friendly weather and some of the most superbe scenaries in the world so in the summer times her squares, her churches and her archeological sites become the setting for some unforgetable performances under the stars, such as the Orchestra Sinfonica Nights at Massenzio or Baths of Caracalla.


  • Miracle Players (plays in ENGLISH language!)
    – This group performs different kind of plays in various historical locations such as the Tiber Island and the Capitoline Museum.

  • Teatro dell’ Opera (Rome’s Opera house), via Beniamino Gigli 1, ph. 06/ 4817003 (area: Esquilino) (; ticket office on-line)
    – Also offers awesome summers open-air performances in the ancient ruins of Caracalla Baths

  • Auditorium, viale De Coubertin,ph. 06/ 80241281 (area: Flaminio)
    – For the classical music lovers. This Rome’s theatre hosts among the other things, also the prestigious music foundation and Institution of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia

  • Ambra Jovinelli, via Guglielmo Pepe 43- 47, ph. 06/ 4461540 (area: Esquilino)

  • Teatro Argentina, largo Argentina 32, ph. 06/ 68804601 (area: Largo Argentina)

  • Teatro Olimpico, piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, ph. 06/ 3265991 (area: Flaminio),

  • Teatro dei Satiri, via di Grottapinta 19, ph. 06/ 68711639 (area: Campo de Fiori)

  • Sistina, via Sistina 129, ph. 06/ 4200711 (area: Spanish Steps)

  • Eliseo, via Nazionale 183, ph. 06/ 4882114 (Monti)

  • Teatro della Cometa, via del Teatro Marcello 4, ph. 06/ 6784380 (area: Largo Argentina)

  • Teatro Flaiano( Piccola Lirica), via S. Stefano del Cacco 15, ph. 06/ 6796469 (area: Pantheon)

Teatro dell Opera
Dating back to the late 1800s, the Teatro dell Opera which is located in the historic center of Rome has gone through several transformations. Inside the style is Liberty and has been recently restored with a total of 450 seats. Famed for its opera, dance and ballet performances, this is a unique city to explore by day and a magnificent theatre to enjoy by night.

During the summer the opera house moves to the ancient and dramatic ruins of the Baths of Caracalla to present Rome’s renown open air opera.

For Opera Season of Teatro Dell Opera check the programm »

Teatro Piccola Lirica
Teatro Flaiaio Piccola Lirica offers a fresh take on lyrical opera. Classical masterpieces are reworked into a 90 minute format, and feature young, up and coming actors in a small traditional theater. By retaining the heart of the work, the “contrasts and all the elements” that made it what it is and then adding to it with new ideas and modern technology, the audience has the opportunity to experience the cutting edge of lyrical opera.

Location: 15 Via Santo Stefano del Cacco Rome 00186 Italy