Climate and Weather in Rome

When it comes to Rome, it’s not just the rich tapestry of history, art, and culture that entices travelers from around the world; it’s also the city’s ever-evolving dance of seasons. The transition from the balmy days of spring to the sultry heat of summer paints a vivid picture of Roman life, colored by local festivals, outdoor feasts, and timeless traditions.

The Climate in Rome from June to August

Mediterranean climate is typified during the summer months in Rome: like much of the south of Italy, the city is swathed in sun and heat, and light for most of the season. From early May, weather forecasts for Rome show temperatures that typically rise and stay high till early September at least. Clouds, together with a dip in temperatures, reappear only around October.

So despite being sun-worshippers, at the peak of the season, even Italians try to escape the scorching sun in Rome, where temperatures can soar to and above 35°C (95°F) in July and August and rarely sink below 30°C (86°F). High levels of humidity, little or no breeze, and the urban heat do not do much in the way of offering respite, so be well prepared for long, hot, really hot days and nights.

On the upside, spending your holidays in Italy this time of year means very little risk of cloudy skies and rainfall, so count on July and August weather in Rome for endless sunsets and beautiful clear evening skies to shake off some of the heat and make the most of dreamy nights.

If you are out during the hotter hours, and plan to survive, beat the heat by slipping into cool, dark churches from time to time and make the most of drinking fountains; unfortunately, diving into fountains, tempting as it may be in this weather, is not permitted.

Rome in Summer

Open-air film screenings on the Tiberina Island, the independent theatre festival in the park around Castel Sant’Angelo, opera at the Caracalla Baths, and the Trastevere Festa de noantri are popular annual summer events.

The holiday of Ferragosto on the 15th of August marks the height of heat and the beginning of the end of the summer season in Rome. This is the time when Rome comes close to a shutdown, with everyone heading to nearby beaches for at least the day, leaving only a handful of open businesses and the empty city to travellers.

Summer – What To Pack

Plan as if heading for the beach very loose and light clothing to protect you from sunburn, strong sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Bring light and comfortable walking shoes, with at least one pair of covered shoes to prevent stubbing your toes on ancient ruins and uneven cobblestones. If you have the time, a bathing suit for an afternoon at the pool one of the best places to be in summer weather in Rome.

Summer weather in Rome is persistently hot, so there is no need to fear – or hope for sudden drops in temperature; although you can rely on unfailingly high temperatures in Rome, you’ll also need to have some form of more formal clothing when visiting churches, especially St. Peter’s Basilica, where you could be barred from entering if you have bare knees and shoulders.

A small water container that you can fill up at deliciously cool drinking fountains all along the way is essential, as bottled water is almost always overpriced and heats up very quickly in the hot Roman weather.

Last but not least, an insect repellent against mosquitos thriving in the humid heat.

Spring Weather in Rome

When to Plan Your Trip to Rome?

Romans spend wintertime miserably huddling in their coats and scarves, longing for the sun. The shift of mood is, therefore, palpable with spring. Typically, from late March onwards, the weather is warm and sunny, which brings out the best of Rome and its inhabitants, making springtime the ideal season to visit. Unless specifically interested, you might want to skirt around Easter Holy Week to avoid the crowds joining religious celebrations in Rome.

Temperatures average a maximum of around 17°C (62°F) and a minimum of 5°C (41°F) in March, around 19°C (66°F) max. and 7°C (45°F) min. in April, and of about 24°C (75°) max. and 11°C (56°F) min. in May.

Wet days are concentrated in April, with an average of 9 days of rain. Continuous rain for more than 2-3 days is rare, which leaves a good probability of having a share of sunny weather during your stay.

Rome in Spring

As temperatures start warming, Rome also starts preparing for the upcoming high summer season. In addition to the list of must-sees, the city offers a number of events from March right into August. To make the most of the spring weather, visit irresistible blossoming city parks for a romantic break or picnic.

Spring – What to Pack

Spring showers are never very cold, but have a very light waterproof wind jacket to carry with you. Umbrella vendors magically pop out of nowhere with the first droplets of rain (Romans harbour a profound distaste of rain), so forgetting your umbrella back home is not a problem.

Clothing should be light, with a couple of sweaters thrown in for chillier early morning or evening weather.