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Rome may still have more cheap accommodation than London or New York, but rates for comparable establishments have caught up. Prices are set by the state, and all Rome hotels are supposed to display the official rate on the door of each room. Hotels in Rome generally have low and high season rates, so it is often worth bargaining, especially in the winter and after Christmas when the competition is less strong.
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ADVICE: Since Rome gets pretty busy during summer time, we advise that you book your hotel in advance.

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The traditional heartland of foreign visitors that search for accommodation in Rome lies around the Spanish steps and Piazza di Spagna, with some of the most exclusive smaller Rome hotels.
Similar places can be found all over the centre, to the west of Via del Corso, Vatican surroundings or the lively quarter of Trastevere.
Those who search for glamour should head for Via Veneto, which has many grand and luxurious hotels.
If you are looking for a peaceful retreat, try the area around the Aventine, or one of the high-class hotels next to the Villa Borghese park.
Area around the Termini station (Central railway station) is particularly suitable for business travelers for its concentration of cheap hotels.

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