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Rome Tiber cruise under bridge

Time seems to pass at a different pace when you decide to sail, to walk or to ride a bike along the bank of the Tiber. The chaotic city seems to be far away, with the sounds and noises muffled by the incessant flow of the river. A boat cruise on the Tiber river is definitely a journey of beautiful landscapes that evoke a rich past.

There is also a river cruise service with the formula Hop-on Hop-off. Open every day until 31st of October, with regular departures every hour from Molo Sant'Angelo. With breathtaking scenery to discover by sailing aboard one of its boats it's a relaxing tour lulled by the river.

Here is a great webpage to book many kinds of Rome river Tiber cruises. Reserve your place online and skip the waiting line.

Tiber has been the soul of Rome from the beginning. And the symbiotic relationship between Rome and the river is continued through the centuries until today when Romans spend their summer Sundays on the banks. And every first of January braves perform a dive into its cold waters.


Today there are more than thirty bridges that unite the two banks of the Tiber river. And you can sail under many of them with a Rome river cruise. Some of the ancient roman bridges no longer exist. Many bridges were built in the papal and modern age (seven were built in the nineteenth century and a dozen in the twentieth century). And all together create a fascinating backdrop of archeology and history. Real monuments that accompany the river, giants which reflect themselves in the water. Ponte Sant'Angelo, Ponte Fabricio, Ponte Rotto, Ponte Garibaldi, ...

Ponte Sant'Angelo is absolutely unique. In 1535 Pope Clement VII placed statues of Apostles St. Peter and St.Paul at its entrance, to which were added those of four Evangelists and Patriarchs. In 1669 Pope Clement IX had made a new railing designed by Bernini. On which were placed ten statues of angels who bring instruments of the Passion.

With a Rome river cruise you can also sail near Marconi Bridge, 235 meters long and built between 1937 and 1955.