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Francesca Fabi

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Francesca FabiEver since I was a very young girl I have known I wanted to be a writer. I do mean very young. It all started when I was a toddler. I was a reckless, restless; always on the go little girl (this hasn’t changed much over the years, to tell you the truth…). The only things that used to keep me quiet were music and magazines. I would sit in the children’s’ box for hours looking at the pages and pictures. Little did I know this would continue as the years went passed.

As I grew up, this bug would not leave me alone. I was 8 years old when I got involved in the school’s newspaper and from there the ball was rolling and could not be stopped. I started my own journal about a famous rock band as a teenager and this caught the attention of the music industry: I had just started university (where I majored in medieval history) when I was recruited by one of the most popular major rock music magazine in Italy. I began interviewing some of the most famous rock band around the globe.
This continued over the years and on the side, I also started to work as a press and PR consultant, as it seems I am really good with people and I have strong social skills.

I am now a freelance writer. I write on a variety of topics, driven by the fuel of passion and curiosity, two qualities I hope will stay with me forever.

As far as my contribution to goes, it has been a rewarding experience and an exciting opportunity to put at disposal that passion and curiosity to reveal all the wonders Rome has to offer. I was born and raised here. My Roman roots go back many generations. I lived abroad for years but, well, Rome is Rome and once she casts a spell, you can’t get rid of it. My relationship with this city is like a marriage. It’s a love-hate relationship. You hate it and you love it in the space of a minute. But you can’t help coming back. This has been a self discovery journey so far: when you write, you indeed not only observe, quest and find out things about the world around you or the people, but also about yourself.

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