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Antique shops

Dal Papa Re

Via P. Castaldi, 16-18, Rome
open: Sunday mornings
Located in the centre of Trastevere district is this strangely-named cavern of 18th and 19th-century antiques.
An ideal place for dedicated amateurs who are searching for that rare object at an unbeatable price.

Marmistica Bonucceli

Via del Coronari, 200, Rome
This clever craftman maked low tables in various size, using using leftovers of ancient marble, and turns various architectural fragments into shelves and picture frames.
Altgether a refined and typically Roman place, which can also deliver the antigues from the shop abroad.

Mario Prili

Via del Banchi Nuovi, 47, Rome
In 1966, Sor Mario, the owner of this antique shop, received a special award for having found a Botticelli stolen in 1820 from a Roman art collector.
This sailman has a real flair for buying up really fine goods from aristocratic families fallen on hard times that he quickly sells on at good prices.

Carlo Virgilio

Via del Lupa, 10, Rome
This art gallery sells 19thand20th century drawings at very reasonable prices. They have a good selection of views of Rome and its surroundings from bygone eras, which can make charming and original souvenirs.
This antique shop is well-known to collectors and curators.