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St.Peter's Basilica

Work with us is currently looking for:

  • English/French/German/ speaking freelance " CONTENT WRITER" for

  • Is English/French (whichever of these) your mother tongue or you do you have an excellent writing ability in these languages?
  • Do you love writing/creating own articles, texts?
  • Have you lived in Rome for a longer time?
  • Do you have some special knowledge of the city of Rome?

  • - If you find an area that you would like to cover and you don't see it within our travel pages, we will be happy to hear your concrete suggestions...

  • You can be a student, mother on maternity leave, all you need is some free time for writing about different topics connected with Rome and appetite to contribute to our pages.
    • Working as a FREELANCE writer (home-based, not a full time job)
    • No time/location limitations(our editors/translators are spread all around the world, no strict deadlines)
    • Human, friendly dealing, no boss-employee attitudes
    • Possibility of rise in remuneration if we like what you write
    • References for your prospective professional writing carrier in the future
    • Insight into Internet Marketing
      If you think you are a suitable candidate for this job, we will be pleased to receive some brief info about yourself and your expectations.


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